Wines, beers & spirits: how to keep a good event from going bad

Ensure you’re prepared for events with our guidance for the wines, beer and spirits industry.

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Throughout the year venues across the UK ready their facilities to host a number of events, and with summertime on the horizon calendars are set to become even busier. From festivals to trade shows, corporate or casual, no matter the location or occasion most events will require refreshments. While drinks companies can enjoy a potential rise in demand, they must take care – whether you’re a supplier or attending in-person, challenges may arise, and claims bound to follow should things go awry.

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When providing drinks for an event, it’s likely that your priorities will revolve around numbers. Do you have enough stock to meet demand? What about hands to keep business flowing? Because we understand this, we also understand that you’ll be less inclined to tempt fate pre-event by imagining everything which might go wrong in the process.

Nevertheless, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. No two events will be the same, and in turn the risks may vary. Our guidance below aims to shed light on a few scenarios: if it doesn’t quite fit what you’re after, contact one of our specialists today and see how we can help cover your particular requirements.


Public Liability – why do I need it?


Be mindful of your surroundings

When participating in an event, it’s likely that you’ll encounter property at some stage. If you cause damage to a venue’s property, they may make a claim against you for compensation. Public Liability insurance will cover you for any compensation award made against you, plus the legal fees to defend you.


Take stock of stock-related risks

We said that stock might be your priority, but it doesn’t mean mistakes can’t happen – this is why public liability insurance extends to include cover for products liability. With this cover in place, you can operate at ease knowing you’ll be protected from claims made regarding sale of faulty products, including contamination.

The public

It goes without saying that people – be they event organisers or customers – all have the potential to get wrapped up in an unwanted claim. Public liability will cover you here too should an individual be injured.


What else should I consider?

Employer’s liability

We know that your staff matter, and if you employ anybody in your business you’re obligated by law to take out Employer’s Liability insurance. For additional information on this insurance reach out to our team, or refer to the government website.


Third-party liability

Products, if not properly handled, can go hand-in-hand with slips, trips, falls, and even injuries brought about while lifting stock. Adding Third-party liability insurance to your policy will ease the impact of any accidents.


Wholesale and distribution

The journey is just as important as the destination – events in this instance. At Clear we’ll take the time to understand the logistics of your business, and arrange cover which works for you. Click here to learn more about what we can do.


Contact us

The above guidance is not an exhaustive list of the issues which may arise for your wine, beer or spirit business, nor the full extent of what we can do to support you. To learn more about our services talk to our specialists via 0207 251 6821.


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