Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

At Clear Insurance Management (Clear) we are continuing a
trajectory of growth, shown in the third year of exceeding 250
employees. As our organisation continues to grow, so does
our desire and efforts to be an inspirational company that our
people are proud to work for.


On 5 April 2023 Clear Insurance Management Limited employed 361 members of staff, an increase from 321 the previous year; comprising of 47.10% women and 52.90% men within the workforce. At a pivotal point of growth for the company, this Gender Pay Gap report showcases the progress towards closing the gap and our increased efforts towards creating an equal workforce across the board.

As we grow and evolve, we never lose focus on what is important to us: our people, and our supportive culture that empowers them. We foster an environment that drives towards true inclusivity and gender equity through actively responding to the varying needs of our people, enabling them to realise their full potential. This ensures that everyone is treated equally, and career opportunities are based on development pathways alongside suitability for the role.


Data received as of 5th April 2023.

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Based on the average hourly rates of pay at 5th April 2023, the mean gender pay gap was 34.30%, and the median (mid-point) pay gap was 33.51%.
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The data at 5 April 2023 for bonuses shows that the mean bonus gap was 67.97%, and the median bonus gap was 61.73%.
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Across the pay quartiles, in the lowest quartile (quartile 1), 64% are female and 36% are male. In the second quartile, 40% are male and 60% are female, in the third quartile, 53% are male and 47% are female, and in the top quartile, 82% are male and 18% are female – all of which are an increase towards closing the gap to the previous year.

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