• August 9, 2021

Clear's Ben Shuttleworth accepted into Zurich Leadership Academy

Ben Shuttleworth, Corporate Marketing Manager at Clear, has been accepted onto the Zurich Leadership Academy.

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Zurich’s three-day leadership programme is designed to help delegates become successful leaders and covers a range of topics and skills, including:

  • Being a leader versus being a manager leading into a look at the 6 Emotionally Intelligent leadership styles
  • The critical role coaching plays in effective leadership
  • Exploring why some people are difficult to deal with and provides strategies regarding how to better engage people we usually struggle to interact with, whether colleagues or clients

On completion of the programme, delegates will be asked to write SMART action plans to demonstrate that they understand how to apply concepts that they have learned.

These concepts include:

  • Leadership Theories
  • The difference between Leadership & Management
  • The ability to flex personal leadership style to different situations
  • Promoting learning in their teams/organisations
  • The difference between training and coaching and where and when to use each one
  • The need for effective questioning to promote learning
  • Use & application of the Performance Profile to identify gaps in development
  • Leadership Styles, where & when to use
  • The ability to flex personal leadership style to different situations
  • The impact of the leader’s personality on their team’s self-image and its importance in driving performance
  • The neuroscience behind self-image: SCARF model

The course is aimed at future leaders of businesses and is designed to enhance and develop leadership skills, with a view to individuals progressing to the most senior roles within the business.

We asked Ben a few questions about the course and what he hopes to gain from it:

What is the course about?

"This course focuses on leadership skills, specifically how I can improve myself as a leader but also about how to inspire the best out of the people around you, which is what leadership is really about."

What do you hope to get from the course?

"I have attended leadership courses in the past and I am hoping that not only will this course refresh my knowledge, but also give me some new tips and tricks to take me to the next level."

Why are programmes like these important?

"There is always room for improvement, and learning and development is a way of life, you can’t know enough. These courses are really important not only for the personal development of the attendee, but also the people who surround them."

What is your best career tip/advice to younger insurance staff?

"There isn’t a finishing line when it comes to growing yourself, so whenever the opportunity arises to gain understanding, to learn a new skill or pick up some wisdom from someone who has gone before, take it!"

Zurich’s Leadership Academy is due to take place across three days from 16-18 November 2021.



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