Marine Cargo and Goods In Transit claim

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What you'll need before you begin


Cause and extent of damage and images


Proof of delivery via a consignment or dispatch note


Confirmation of weight of damaged goods


Total claim value, packing list and transit invoice


Nature of goods, collection and delivery addresses with sales and purchase invoices


Evidence of T&Cs in place relating to the transit

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What happens next?

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The policy cover will be reviewed by insurers

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Surveyor or Loss Adjuster specialising in Marine claims may be appointed

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Once all relevant information received, decision made on indemnity

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Insurers may appoint Panel Solicitors to assist with any recovery

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Insurers will look for proof of delivery (consignment or dispatch note)

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Insurers will review terms of carriage (RHA or CMA)

Frequently asked claims questions

Answers to questions that you might find useful. Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch, our dedicated claims team will be happy to help.

Will my premium increase following a claim?

Possibly, however difficult to confirm as other claims under the policy will be considered in addition, market conditions will also be relevant and until the claim settles reserves are applied based on information available at the time.

How long will my claim take?

It is difficult to advise, and every claim is different. We will ensure we monitor your claim from report to ensure the claim is progressing. We will provide an update to you, when necessary.

What is a policy excess?

This is the portion of the claim you are responsible for paying. Please refer to your policy schedule to identify the applicable excess.

How long do I have to report a claim?

Generally, insurers require you to report all matters as soon as you are aware, or the incident happens.  Please consult your policy Terms & Conditions to confirm any specific requirements.

Are there are limitations to cover?

This should be detailed in your policy schedule often “theft attractive goods” such as portable, handheld devices, jewellery, pharmaceutical, wines & spirits are subject to policy limits or attract a higher policy excess.

Are all territory transits covered under the policy?

Certain countries may be excluded or cover restricted unless pre-agreed with underwriters, this will be detailed in your schedule, however if you are importing or exporting to the following countries (list not exhaustive) we suggest speaking to your broker to ensure cover meets your needs: 

  • Central African Republic  

  • Russia  

  • Iran  

  • Libya  

  • Ukraine  

  • North Korea  

How will my claim be adjusted?

This depends on the type of cover selected and can be on an all or specified risks basis,  settlement can be adjusted on the sales invoice value, sales invoice value plus 10%, purchase invoice value however the exact basis will be detailed in your individual policy schedule/wording.

What if my customer isn’t happy with the settlement?

If you are the carrier and facing a claim for damage to your customers goods the extent of your liability will depend on the conditions of transit. Your customer should ensure they have their own separate insurance to cover any shortfall.