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From Michelin-starred institutions to your new restaurant venture, we can tailor an insurance solution to protect your fine dining business.

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Restaurants and caterers are reliant on their reputation. With our wealth of experience working with some prestigious UK brands, from wine distributors and catering companies to Michelin-star restaurants and fine dining bistros, Clear can provide a range of insurances to help relieve the pressures your business faces.

We’re committed to listening to you to ensure we offer the right cover for your business. And we have policies available for all stages of restaurant development. We can arrange cover for situations which may be affected by tronc arrangements.

Tailored fine dining cover

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Bespoke catering packages to include diverse business activities (including garden parties, events, exhibitions, concerts, festivals)

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Buildings, Contents and Stock Insurance

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Employers' and Public Liability Insurance with standard and higher limits available (if you have a high value accumulation risk, for example)

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Loss of License cover

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Food Contamination cover

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Business Interruption cover

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Money with Personal Accident and Assault Benefits cover

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Directors & Officers Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance

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Staff Dishonesty Insurance

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Reputational Damage cover

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Cyber Risks Insurance

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Frequently asked questions

What insurance should I have as a director of a restaurant business?

As a director of a limited company, Clear can arrange directors and officers insurance for you. This protects directors, officers and managers against personal liability claims arising from the decisions and actions they make, for and on behalf of your business.

What limit of public liability insurance should I have?

Many policies will offer a standard limit of indemnity. Clear will work with you to agree a sum that’s adequate for your unique circumstances and help guide you.

Are there any insurance implications with a tronc arrangement?

There are two particular types of cover which could be affected and we can help with both.

  • Staff dishonesty – if a tronc manager misappropriates the funds then you'd need to ensure that you’re covered.
  • Personal accident – you’ll need to factor in tronc payments when selecting the weekly benefit amounts.

For business interruption, how do I calculate the sum to be insured for?

We’ll work with you to determine how much coverage you should arrange as it varies depending on your business’s activities. This requires various considerations for factors, such as seasonality, trends, growth and how long your business would be affected for following a serious event, such as a fire.

What do I need to know about the deep fat frying warranty on my policy?

It’s vital that you comply with the requirements of a warranty. Were a claim to arise, whether directly linked to the warranty or not, your insurer can refuse to pay the claim.

The major assurance for restaurant insurance is the deep fat frying warranty. It usually deals with the following requirements:

  • The specification of deep fat frying equipment, including the thermostat, automatic shut-off, emergency shut down requirements, the fixing arrangements of the equipment, proximity to combustible materials and connection to the power or gas supply by suitably qualified consultants
  • The specification of the extract ducting, including the material it must be made of
  • The fire-fighting equipment including where the fire blanket must be kept and what fire extinguishers are required
  • The cleaning regime, including extraction hoods, canopies, filters, sumps, grease traps and so on, and how often they must be cleaned. It’ll also include the professional cleaning of the extract ducting by external specialist contractors
  • The storage and removal arrangements from the premises of oily or greasy waste and cloths

What are the health and safety requirements for espresso machines?

This equipment, used to produce coffee based hot drinks, is often found in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and leisure facilities. Systems generally comprise of steam boiler, separate or combined hot water boiler, pipework and protective devices. Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000), users and owners of pressure systems (including coffee machines) are responsible for having boilers and other components safety tested and certified. This should be conducted as often as is indicated in the written scheme of examination.

There's a lift in my business premises. What insurance cover should I consider?

If you do have a lift in your restaurant, we can advise you on the requirements and can arrange an engineering inspection policy with an insurer. The requirements for the examination of lifts and lifting equipment are found within the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). LOLER prescribes the periods between thorough examinations of lifting equipment. These periods vary according to whether the lift is a passenger lift or a food lift.

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