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A construction project can be a complex operation that needs rigorous planning and management. Its insurance can be equally complicated, too. So, it's crucial that you appoint specialists to oversee all your insurance requirements as early as possible.

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Specialist guidance

We can advise you on all insurance-related aspects throughout the development so you can make well-informed decisions on the levels of insurance you'll need at every stage of construction. 

Our construction insurance professionals will work with all parties throughout the process (whether with your funders, architects, surveyors, contractors and sub-contractors) to arrange insurance that reflects their respective rights and interests, avoids costly duplication, and prevents perilous gaps in cover.

Even after the build, you'll want to consider maintenance risks including property (asset protection) and engineering inspections, which we can arrange for you. 

Our home builders and developers insurance facility

Established by Clear MPW and the Home Builders Federation (HBF) in 1995 and underpinned by our high-quality service and underwriting, our specialist facility provides a site insurance policy tailored and dedicated to home builders and developers.

The facility features a bespoke policy wording containing many relevant cover enhancements and extensions, providing you with optimum protection for your project.

Our scheme policy is tailored specifically for House Builders & Developers in the United Kingdom, who are mainly involved in new build residential, private dwelling construction.

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What you need to know

How can I make sure that I'm properly insured for the risks I take?

Construction and engineering industry businesses are often subtly different in the work that they conduct and, therefore, also the risks involved. We understand that no two risks are the same and can devise an insurance programme that is tailored to your unique business activities.

What can you do to assist with claims management?

The efficient administration of claims is really the acid test of the effectiveness of an insurance policy. At Clear, we have a dedicated claims team who will work hard to help settle claims.

How can I ensure I'm obtaining competitive quotations?

We have access to a wide range of UK construction and engineering insurers for quotations. We place a firm emphasis on insurers of quality and financial standing who can deliver appropriate insurance solutions, including the required supporting claims service.

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It's a common misconception that Professional Indemnity insurance is only required for construction and engineering companies that provide their own design work. Businesses that provide advice, consultancy or design can commit errors in the course of their professional business that lead to financial losses suffered by third parties. Even companies that subcontract all design works have exposures – a dissatisfied customer is likely to bring a claim against you, not your subcontracted designer, for example.

My requirements are non-standard, will that be a problem?

At Clear, we're used to handling bespoke requirements for clients. This doesn't necessarily mean that the solutions are more expensive, just that they need to reflect specific business circumstances.

My policy states that my subcontractors need to be insured - how can I insure that they are?

This is an increasingly important area for policyholders to focus on. Many liability policies contain warranties that subcontractors need to have their own insurance in place for a related claim to be covered. Breaches of this can lead to claims going unpaid. We can assist with the management of this often overlooked issue.

Why Clear?

Industry-recognised for being people-first, our team of specialists supports start-ups, SMEs, corporates, multinationals and individuals.

Trade specialists

Trade specialists

We offer broad and bespoke sector specialist insurance solutions for peace of mind.

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Chartered status

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Exceptional service

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