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We work hand in hand with surveyors, solicitors and insurers to arrange Rights of Light Insurance for major developments in the City and throughout the UK.

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Why this cover?

Our team can provide bespoke and flexible Rights of Light solutions to developers planning to embark on projects without fear of related claims.

Benefits for your business

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Rights of Light cover enables a developer to proceed with the scheme without fear of rights of light repercussions

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Where contractually required, cover will meet lenders' or potential buyers' requirements

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Cover is flexible and tailored to the individual requirements of the development

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Once you've a completed Rights of Light report, we’ll work closely with you to formulate an appropriate strategy and propose a suitable insurance solution. 

To start this process, please provide us with the relevant information and documentation detailed in our shopping lists:

  • Pre-planning shopping list
  • Post-planning shopping list

The information should be submitted to our team at: rol@thecleargroup.com

Can insurance work jointly with a surveyor’s suggested negotiation strategy?

The latest Rights of Light polices can be adapted to dovetail with the strategy that you wish to employ for each injured property.

Whether you to choose to negotiate with your neighbours or not, ultimately, we can shape an insurance policy to fit with your overall strategy for dealing with Rights of Light.

What are the implications of not having cover before work starts on site?

If you've undertaken a Right of Light report and have negotiated and obtained Deeds of Release with all affected parties, there should be no need for insurance.

Should you be required to start work on site but have not yet initiated or completed negotiations, you should support your strategy with an insurance policy which allows for this. Additionally, if you reach a point where you can’t negotiate with the injured party because they choose to seek an injunction, insurance may be able to help you mitigate your losses.

What is good neighbourly conduct?

Due to recent case law, good neighbourly conduct should be reviewed when assessing Rights of Light risk to avoid the risk of an injunction. Contact us to learn more. 

Why do insurers require neighbourly matters information?

To assess a risk on behalf of the insurer, the underwriter needs to understand where neighbours should be contacted to gain access or initiate licence agreements.

These processes, such as initiating licence agreements for crane over-sail or Party Wall Awards, can alert neighbours and induce a Rights of Light claim.

Is insurance available if the neighbours are aware of their rights?

Yes, potentially. It will depend on the level of the injury and the neighbours' appetite to seek legal recourse.

Can policies be arranged on a preplanning basis?

Yes, potentially. It will depend on the level of the injury and the neighbours' appetite to seek legal recourse.

Will a policy enable us to speak with neighbours about a Rights of Light issue?

Policies can be written on the basis of “agreed conduct". This will allow you to approach your injured neighbours for a release, subject to a suitable policy excess.

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